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Supair Step

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Why not ask about trying out our demo STEP wings? Need Pricing?  Thinking of trading in your old wing or harness?  Get in touch with The Sick & The Wrong!


Intuitive and comfortable, the STEP is the perfect compromise between performance and safety.

A glider for ambitious pilots who do not want to be limited by their wing’s performance. Further, higher, stronger … Step by step !



Category: EN-B Sport

Sizes: XS / S / M / M-L / L

Colours: Earth / Ocean / Fluor



Flat surface area (m²)21,524262830
Span (m)11,0711,712,1712,6313,08
Chord (m)2,42,542,642,742,84
Flat Aspect Ration5.
Projected Surface Area (m²)18,10620,2121,923,5825,26
Projected Span (m)8,689,179,559,9110,26
Projected aspect ratio4,164,164,164,164,16
Weight voile (kg)4,354,755,35,5
Flying weight range (kg)55-7570-9080-10090-110105-125
CertificationEN – LTF BEN – LTF BEN – LTF BEN – LTF BEN – LTF B
Number of risers3+13+13+13+13+1





S + W Verdict

“Steve fly the STEP for his 2 week holiday in France 2018 – he loved it!”




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