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Ozone Paragliders

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Ozone have been driven from the front by owner Mike Cavanagh, leading the Cross country league many times, with high quality design throughout its range… from entry level wing to competition pilot there’s a wing for all.
S&W have had many years with Ozone and is a committed Ozone DEMO centre and hold a large stock of test gliders to try before you buy, get in touch for more details.



For new pilots and students, the Moxie is ideal for progressing your flying with maximum ease and safety. The wing has been designed with the easiest launch we have ever experienced, highly intuitive handling, a generous yet precise brake range for fun and effective thermalling performance, and a deep and forgiving flare. Our most confidence-inspiring wing yet, the Moxie allows you to build skills in a shorter period of time for a quicker path to advanced flying.

Mojo 6
The Mojo 6 represents an incredible leap forward in performance. This new design delivers maximum passive safety and the highest glide performance in its class. Our mission for the development of this wing was to push performance to the highest level possible while keeping the highly stable and easy-to-fly platform that has made the Mojo series so beloved.

Buzz Z7
The new BuzzZ7 is an evolution of the highly popular Buzz series with a number of refinements aimed at improving its flight characteristics whilst retaining the same level of passive safety. The Z7 delivers all of the legendary ease of use the Buzz is known for with the highest level of efficiency, speed, and glide we have produced in this class.

Geo 6
Geo 6 is the largest performance increase, and weight decrease, in the history of the series. This all new design delivers significantly better speed and glide throughout the entire speed range, with True Performance in active air. Modern construction techniques and a clever blend of materials have saved 350 grams of weight compared to its predecessor.

Rush 6
The latest instalment in the Rush series represents a massive improvement over the previous version in every respect. The design has been evolved from the highly successful Delta4 and brings all the performance elements from this category to the EN B pilot. Hybrid 3/2 line design with 2 lines at the wingtip. ACR system for riser steering (from the Mantra and Delta series). Slightly higher aspect ratio (5.7).

Swift 6
The SwiftSix is a lightweight version of the Rush 6. Thanks to the light materials and advanced construction techniques, the sail weight has been reduced by around 900g. This reduces sail inertia, increases agility and improves the launch characteristics. Derived from the Alpina 4, it shares performance development features with the Enzo and Zeno series wings, offering the highest glide and XC performance in its class.

Delta 4
The Delta 4 offers the largest performance gain we have yet seen with the Delta model range whilst retaining the comfort and ease of use that has made this series the best-selling sport class wing of all time. 2-Liner technology in the wing tips significantly reduces drag while improving spanwise lift distribution. A new lower-drag profile developed from the Mantra series with smaller openings and higher efficiency.

Alpina 4
With class leading performance and easy, comfortable handling, the Alpina series has long been considered the reference in the lightweight EN C category. The A4 represents the largest performance gain yet, in the series.

Ozones 2-liner EnC… The Photon brings near-competition class performance to experienced sport class pilots. All of Ozone’s 2-liner know-how has gone into designing this wing. A long development period with extensive prototyping and hundreds of hours of flying and safety testing has gone into this project, and we are very satisfied with the Photon’s “True Performance” in real XC conditions. The Photon represents the missing link between conventional 3-liners and high performance wings such as the Zeno2 and Enzo3.

Folding / Collapse lines … https://sickandwrong.co.uk/product/ozone-folding-lines

Zeolite 2 GT

The Zeolite 2 GT development process pulled technology from the Photon and the Zeolite 2 XD (2023 X-Alps Design). This potent DNA combination has yielded a comfortable and highly efficient tool for hike & fly, vol-biv, and serious XC.

The Zeolite 2 GT is a faster and more agile wing for more experienced pilots. The Zeolite GT’s arc and winglet-free design yields the best possible thermalling experience while maintaining good collapse recovery behavior, however the pilot workload in turbulent air is higher than the Photon. The Zeolite requires more precise inputs in strong conditions as it is less pitch & roll stable. It is 1kg lighter and lower pack volume than the Photon. The durability of both wings is similar.

Zeolite 2


Forget everything you think you know about the compromises in 2-Line paraglider designs! The Zeolite is easy to launch, easy to land in small/restricted LZs, and has the most comfortable B-handle control we have experienced, and handling that is incredibly agile and precise in the core.

This is a new breed of 2-Line design, offering competition level performance in an extremely light and compact package. Weighing in at under 3kgs with an aspect ratio of 6.7, the Zeolite delivers the performance and reliability needed for the Red Bull X-Alps, the most grueling race in the world.

Ultralite 4
OZONE’s research into light-wing construction began back in 2001 with the introduction of the Peak, one of the first modern mountain-specific wings. The Ultralite series followed, and has been widely considered the benchmark for Hike & Fly wings ever since. The 4th generation of the Ultralite series is a totally new design that is packed with new features and technology. The UL4 delivers a higher level of efficiency, increased glide performance, higher top speed, more agility, and even easier inflation behaviour. To top it off, the UL4 is a few grams lighter than any previous Ultralite, with even smaller pack volume!

Zeno 2
Overall, the Zeno 2 offers a little more feedback compared to the Zeno, but always in an intelligible way. It remains comfortable and confidence-inspiring for pilots of the category. The heightened sensation makes it easier to sniff out cores, follow good energy lines, and feel the air. An optimised internal structure gives an impressive feeling of cohesion when climbing in thermic turbulence. The turn response is precise and dynamic, with higher levels of agility than the Zeno.




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