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SupAir Paragliders

Harnesses and now, wings!

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Supair is characterized by the collective passion of a team and a continually updated desire to develop exciting products for free flying. The Supair brand is recognized and well known around the world as a specialist in Paragliding and Powered Paragliding harness design among other free flying related activities. During the past year Supair has also been developing paragliding wings. An exciting challenge for the team growing around this new profession. The feedback given by professionals about our tandem wing (the SORA), is a first step toward excellence! The adventure continues with the release of their school wings (the EONA), and many more designs to come.


Eona 3
Designed for pilots in the early sages of there flying,coupled with excellent lift-off behaviour and the 3-riser concept with left/right markings on controls removes all complications for learning.

The key word during the design of the Birdy was “versatility”. Intended primarily to be the first acquisition of a pilot leaving school, its program is not limited to that. Thanks to an assembly of different materials – depending on the areas of the wing – the Birdy is both light and compact without compromising its hold over time. High unsheathed lines and a “performance oriented” design “make the Birdy a top wing in its class. An intuitive and fun turn will allow the pilot to progress quickly and have fun in the air.

Leaf 3/Light
Accessible and reassuring, the LEAF 3 is the ultimate progression wing. Its playful behavior has been reworked compared to the 2nd generation for better performance in thermals and greater piloting comfort, even in turbulent conditions. EN-B approved, the LEAF 3 accompanies the pilot in his progression in all serenity thanks to a solid structure and a large control travel. Tolerant and comfortable, it is the ideal teammate to discover new horizons in flight without ever compromising on safety.

Light: Discover all the fun of the LEAF 3 in a lighter version. The LEAF 3 Light allows you to progress to the top, whether on foot or in the air, thanks to its safe handling and optimized weight.

Step light
The STEP meets all the sporting pilot’s requirements wishing to fly under an accessible but yet powerful B glider. It was designed for performance flying and will give the pilot maximum comfort to optimise long distance XC adventures. The well though out design and choice of materials were guided by the same quality and longevity objectives. The Step is renewed in this light version. Still as pleasant to pilot and efficient in flight, and lighter!

Step X
Both light and robust, the STEP X renews the EN-B+ range and optimizes the STEP lineage to keep only the best of its predecessors in a new generation of higher performance wings with excellent durability. The wing is positioned at the perfect balance between lightness, durability and performance to delight pilots looking for a wing that is both cross-country and comfortable for Use and flight.

The wing SAVAGE meets all the requirements of the sport pilot whishing to fly under an accessible but yet efficient and lightweight C glider. It was designed for high performance flying and will give the pilot maximum comfort and optimized feedback for long distance XC adventures.

Sora 2
Tandem 120-220kg weight range.
Sup Air’s tandem has easy launch and landing abilities, making it a pleasure for both passenger and pilot.

Eiko 2
En-A to En-C
The EIKO 2 is above all a mountain wing, intended for pilots looking for lightness and compactness. In small size at the top of the take-off range, it will delight pilots looking for speed, both in mountain flying and in soaring in strong winds.





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