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Triple Seven Paragliders

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The Triple 777 team have had many years experience testing for other manufacturers. With many top competitions results and world records, this ignited a passion to design their own gliders, so based in Slovenia Triple 777 was born.
S&W are a DEMO centre and hold test gliders to try before you buy, get in touch for more details.

Knight 2
The Knight 2 is designed quite specifically for ambitious newcomers to our sport, to make expanding their skills after the first part of the schooling journey is completed easy and stress-free. It has ample performance to take them on long XC flights both over mountains and flatlands, and it has the handling and the ease of use to make every outing into a pure learning experience – seasoned with fun in spades of course, just like any other Triple Seven wing.

Rook 4
The fouth itteration of famous Rook model is no more than revolutionary. The concept of the design shifted to a hybrid lightweight construction optimized for an endurance with carefully placed materials throughout the canopy. The Rook 4 pilot will benefit from the feather like take off that won’t surprise in any condition and will take him on a care free hard and long XC adventures deep in the wild of any corner of the earth. Enjoy the benefits of a new BC system that makes active flying as fluid as on two liners. The Rook 4 is the wing tailored for pilots who demand a perfect balance between super high performance and the high passive safety of the B class.

K-light 2
In the EN B class, everything comes down to confidence – improved skills only happen when you have complete confidence in your wing. 777 built the new Knight 2 around this simple premise. The launch phase is obviously no less important to ensure that you’re as relaxed, as confident as you can possible be once you’re airborne. The Knight 2 inspires confidence from the moment you unpack it, and carries that sensation with it into the skies, so you may concentrate on expanding your skillset and your knowledge of the skies.

R-light 3
The R-light 3 is our lightweight version of the legendary Rook model series. Built just like the Rook 3 but using light materials and technology, it is a wing that is made for aerial adventure. It is the perfect tool for combining high-level XC paragliding with serious hiking – in the air, this wing will go everywhere a normal Rook 3 goes, and on the ground, it will go at least one place where the standard Rook doesn’t go – into a small backpack!

Queen 3
This new EN C glider hits the sweet spot for very many pilots; you could be someone who’s stepping down from the CCC or EN D class, but who’s unwilling to let go of the performance advantage of your previous wings, or you could be someone stepping up from the EN B class, keen on the expanding horizons but wary of any added stress – either way the Queen3 is the ideal choice to make your forays into the skies both efficient, entertaining and safe.

Q-light 3
The Q-light 3 fulfils any demand of a high-achieving pilot. Pack it for your bivouac adventures, bring it up to your local hill and crunch XC kilometres; it will answer your needs in the air and on the ground. Designed with entirely new kevlar lightweight risers, which are easy to sort out on the ground and provide an effective BC system in the air. Skytex 27 Double Coated provides the best material option on the market for a lightweight wing, and in Q-light 3, this material is in the internal construction of the wing as well.




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