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Skytraxx 2.1 Fanet/Flarn


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The successor of the Skytraxx 2.0 is now available, the Skytraxx 2.1 with FANET and FLARM

  • The SKYTRAXX 2.1 is the further development of the proven Skytraxx 2.0
  • Compact size with silicone protective cover
  • Very easy-to-use hightec Vario with high-precision sensor resolution <5cm
  • Voice output
  • Altimeter barometrically calibrated via GPS to 9999m
  • Variometer with very sensitive response time (<0.5 seconds)  The Variovert is read 60 times per second and averaged  Compact device with integrated GNSS and logger  Large graphics display with grayscale and best contrast in direct sunlight  8 GigaByte Memory  Runtime > 40 hours
  • Thermal assistent
  • Hike mode with GPX import and export functionality. Reading in a traveling route via e.g. GPSies or Hike & Fly is very easy
  • FANET and FLARM integrated
  • Livetracking via OGN Stations without any fees.  Glidernet or LiveTrack24 can be used
  • 4 user-definable fields on each page
  • USB-C interface
  • No external software necessary
  • Languages: German, English and French
  • Windows, Linux and MAC compatible
  • Optimal for use in DHV-XC (OLC).
  • WIFI integrated

S+W Verdict:

“Great for XC, easy to use, nice sound, and with Flarm and Fanet. Perfect!”


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