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Ozone Submarine


Production times are currently around 246 days.

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The Submarine created an immediate sensation when it arrived on the competition scene at last year’s PWC Superfinal. Since then, the Ozone team has been refining the design to produce a viable commercial version for all pilots. This revolutionary harness is the result of a 5-year R&D process, which involved wind tunnel research, extensive testing and a prolonged beta phase involving the world’s top competition pilots. We believe the final design has proven that replacing your harness with the Submarine will likely result in a larger performance advantage than updating your wing to a newer model.

The harness is fully certified, with a new Neo Koroyd protection. The full product features:

-Two side rescue pockets
– Wide separable instrument plate
– Main cockpit, 4.5 liter, with two front outside pockets
– Under seat storage, 1.0 liter
– Two Side pockets, 1.5 liter each
– Two upper pockets, 0.6 liter each
– Back storage, 13 liters, including 2 liter drinking pocket
– Competition speed bar with 3 one-foot steps, fully adjustable to any wing


There is also an optional extra cockpit, 2.0 liter. It will be possible to order all the spare parts when necessary, in particular the envelope can be replaced in the event of irreparable damage.


Sizes S (from 160cm to 176cm) and M (from 173 to 186cm) are now available to order; size L (from 183cm to 194cm) will be released asap. Ozone have increased production capacity to cover the high demand for the Submarine, however, due to the submarine being a highly technical harness manufacturing times are currently quite long.


S+W Verdict:

“Game changing competition harness, not everyones cup of tea, but a real performance jump! Very slow delivery though!”

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