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Woody Valley Race


Ultra light and performing.

Product enquiry


The RACE is a super light harness born from the evolution of the RACE PRO, which is the most “extreme” version used by Woody Valley athletes in the main hike & fly competitions.

We managed to come up with this product also thanks to the help of Aaron Durogati and several other pilots who have been flying this harness intensively and provided us with precious feedback and suggestions.

The RACE is suitable for hike & fly, bivouac and XC pilots.

Here are some of its features:

  • Weight starting from 1.5 kg
  • 4 sizes: S – M – L – XL
  • Available with 2 kinds of back protection:

New half-rigid protection concept
New inflable protection generation

  • New stabilizing system
  • Both get-up leg straps openable via buckles
  • Rescue container under the seat
  • Replaceable leg cover via zipper
  • Three-step speed bar included
  • Easy and intuitive adjustments with buckles
  • Cockpit with pockets
  • Numerous pockets available
  • Recco system



New stabilization system of just 89 gr allowing you to change the harness geometry without taking your hands off the brakes.

If not interested in using the stabilization system, our advice is not to remove it but to simply hide the lines into the strategic pocket.


When developing the Race Pro (the extreme version) we needed to create a high-performance, super light protection that would be as compact and streamlined as possible.

This is when the new concept of semi-rigid protection (PRS) was born and then applied to the Race.

Given teh numerous inflatable protection fans, we decided to keep it (like for the GTO Light 2) but in its new versione (IPE) made with lighter materials.


Semi rigid protection (PRS)

New technology, super light and no worries

 Inflatable protection (IPE

70% less bulky when deflated


Rescue parachute compartment max volume: 5,6 lt (just like our QUADRO 140)

Magnet on the rescue handle to keep it secured to the harness.


S+W Verdict:

“Woody Valley’s new Ultra-Light Hike and fly harness, it looks very well thought out with a new type of stabilisation system and two protection options. Its certainly going to be popular, should be landing with us soon! “

Additional information

Postage Weight 5 kg

Foam, Inflatable

Harness Type

Lightweight, Pod

Pg Brands

Woody Valley

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