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Ozone F.Race

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Ultralight Hike And Fly.

Product enquiry


Ozone have just released a production version of the F*Race, the ultralight pod harness that was designed for the 2019 Red Bull X-Alps.

Antoine Girard was involved in the development of the production model, which weighs just 1.5kg in the M size including pod, cockpit and back protection. It’s only 50g or so heavier than the X-Aps version, but Ozone say it’s more durable, more comfortable and has better protection.

Its passive inflatable protection system covers the pilot’s back and seat area, and it achieved a 25G impact rating on all tests. The inflatable rear fairing, which is primarily there to improve aerodynamics, offers additional impact protection.

Nitinol rods add rigidity to the bucket seat giving good support to the pilot, and being designed for vol-bivouac it has plenty of storage space, with tethers for gadgets in the pockets that are accessible in flight. It has a hydration pouch pocket with tube routings, instrument cockpit and a second removable cockpit with extra stowage space.

The leg straps have toggle closures and Ozone say the harness is simple and intuitive to get into.

This looks like the ultimate harness for XC hike and fly, Vol Biv, or long walk ins.


S < 175 cm 1.4 kg
M 170 cm – 185 cm 1.5 kg
L > 185 cm 1.7 kg


S & W Verdict

“We like this. The perfect package with the Ozone Race rucksack and Angel pro reserve, coming in at an impressive 3kg!”

Additional information

Postage Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm
Harness Type

Pod, Ultra Lightweight

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