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Supair Trek 2


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Designed for touring use with the use of solid materials, the TREK2 is both durable and ergonomic.

The roll top closure of the Backpack allows you to roll up the top of the Backpack and adjust the volume of the Backpack. Very functional when hiking. Coupled with the compression straps: the carry is always close to the body, stable and ergonomic.

The carry is ergonomic with a comfortable waist belt and shoulder straps suitable for long and sporty carry. The access with a large vertical Zipper allows a wide opening and an easy filling of the Backpack , in particular the positioning of the glider and the harness before closing by compressing the volume of the embarked material.

For hiking: a water bottle pocket on the left shoulder strap allows quick and easy access to the


  • Backpack Carrying case with Roll Top closure
  • Large Zipper vertical access
  • Wallet pocket High of Backpack
  • Zipped pocket on belt
  • Water bottle pocket on left shoulder strap
  • Compression straps
  • Pipette outlet High from the back
  • Ergonomically designed belt and shoulder straps
  • Strap adjustable and repositionable chest height
  • Handle of portage High of the back


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