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Strike 2 Pump Bag


Works for Strike 2 and Woddy Valley GTO airbags!

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In order to inflate your STRIKE 2 INFLATABLE BUMP hygienically, Supair offer the PUMP BAG for STRIKE 2 INFLATABLE BUMP.

It allows you to fully inflate your protection in 5 air transfers from the PUMP BAG to the BUMP.

The operation is simple and is done in a few steps:

– Connect the closed valve of the BUMP to the end of the PUMP BAG.

– Fill the PUMP BAG with air in a few movements or by blowing into it.

– Roll up the bag closure and open the BUMP valve to transfer the air.

– Repeat the operation until the BUMP is fully inflated.

Waterproof, this bag can also organise and protect your equipment in the harness.

S&W Verdict
“Makes life easier when you are out of breath on take-off from the long walk in! Also a lot more hygienic!”

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