• Retevis-RS-113-Handy-Speaker-Microphone-2000D-Kevlar-Cable-PTT-For-Kenwood-Baofeng-UV5R-UV82-H777
  • Retevis-RS-113-Handy-Speaker-Microphone-2000D-Kevlar-Cable-PTT-For-Kenwood-Baofeng-UV5R-UV82-H777-2
  • EDA0015856_4
  • Retevis-RS-113-2-Pin-Remote-Heavy-Speaker-Microphone-For-Baofeng-UV5R-Retevis-H777-RT21-RT1-1-e1694093466613

Speaker Mic



Super durable, heavy duty 2 pin speaker mic with swivel clip.

Suitable for Kenwood/Baofang radios.

Weight : 157g

Cable length : About 50cm (undrawn)


S&W Verdict
“The most durable speaker mic we’ve found!”


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