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Skeats Skin Crampons Claws


These mini ski-crampons don’t take up much room in your pack, can fit in your pocket, are easier to put on than a lot of dedicated ski camprons, and fit any ski or splitboard, irrespective of binding type. They don’t neccessarily replace dedicated ski crampons, which over longer distances are going to be more efficient, but will get you out of tight scrapes in more ‘incidental’ situations. Take them when you are not planning to need crampons, but want some insurance.

Stock arriving in Autumn!

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SKEATS™ Skin Cleats: Simplified Ski Crampons

Skeats™ skin cleats easily strap to the base of your boards or skis to assist in uphill skinning on steep crusty slopes. Simplified ski and splitboard crampons that fit in your pocket.  For back country skiing or mountaineering.  Use with skins for increased traction.

“I feel like the most useful tools are always the ones you have with you and I look forward to making the Skeats™ skin cleats a piece of gear that will live in my pack on every outing.” –Stephan Bast

Skeats™ skin cleats are like cleats for your Splitboard or Touring Skis. They are super light, easy to pack, and quickly strap to the base of your skis or boards in seconds. The branded Voile straps are great backcountry tools.  The straps double as board straps and are extremely multi-functional. All plates and parts are easily interchangeable in the field.

SkeatsTM Claws are our most aggressive SkeatsTM skin cleat combined with a minimalist ski crampon. The longer, angled back, front ascent points are paired with even longer side points for increased skin and on edge traction.

Sizing: (Cleat width used MUST be smaller than your ski waist width)
85mm: Use with ski widths from 85mm to 115mm
110mm: Use with ski/splitboard ski widths from 110mm to 135mm
130mm: Use with ski/splitboard ski/approach ski widths from 130mm to 155mm+

Pair Includes:
• (2x) Stainless Steel SkeatsTM Claws Plates (85mm: 2x70g=140g, 110mm: 2x85g=170g,130mm: 2x95g=190g)
• (2x) 20”SkeatsTM Branded Aluminum Buckle Voile Straps (2x30g=60g/2.1oz)
• Total Pair Weight:85mm=200g/7.1oz,110mm=230g/8.1oz,130mm=250g/8.8oz

Skeats™ Skin Cleats are like four wheel drive for your skins!”

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85mm Green, 110mm Blue, 130mm Orange


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