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The Superfly HD is reptiles dedicated composite board range for Wing Foiling. The ultra-compact shapes feel minimal when in flight mode but are loaded with volume for an easy start and maximum stability while floating.

Everything about the Superfly HD boards has been optimised for Wing Foiling. The 12 sizes available has been developed in two directions: the three smaller models have their focus from freeride to waves, with a curvier rocker line, bevelled rails and deep double concaves creating a flat section for early going and smooth touch downs at the same time.

The bigger sizes are focussed on the earliest take-off possible with minimal board size, but plenty of volume. The flat rocker delivers maximum glide needed for a quick flight in light winds.
The Superfly HD is exactly what you want for Wing Foiling! Super compact, easy to start and get up and out of the water, built in Europe with the highest European quality control


  • CNC cut EPS core, for the maximum shape precision.
  • Fiber Glass /epoxy resin matrix outer deck and bottom, for maximum durability.
  • Biaxial Bamboo full deck and bottom
  • Grooved EVA pads
  • Concave deck shape technology , for maximum control and grip.
  • Goretex Valve


  • Rocker: relatively flat except for the tail where the big kicker avoids touchdowns in the chop and when pumping.
  • Rails: steeply angled facets to avoid touchdowns and linking tight turns.
  • Outline: ultra-compact for good gliding even outside flights.
  • Tail: large square tail, for stability when paddling and facilitate take off.
  • Nose: round point nose


S+W Verdict:

“Super light and a great shape. Good range of sizes to suit every rider.”

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