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Reptile I-Rider



The Classic SUP of reference

The I-RIDER is the all-round board for excellence, a classic of the seas, lakes and rivers around the world. Suitable for the whole family, thanks to its generous dimensions it offers stability and comfort both in flat water and in rough seas. Furthermore, thanks to its three fins (two small fixed and one removable), the 9’0 x 31 ” version offers beautiful emotions on small waves, letting you experience the first sensations of real surfing. Produced in our high tech Fusion Double layer Cold Welding with its amazing stiffness/weight ratio, the new I-Rider is the reference among the allround inflatable Sups.


  • Inflation Valve on the nose
  • 2 Steel D Rings, one on the top tail, one on the bottom nose
  • New Reptile HP2 hand pump
  • Pressure 15-18 PSI
  • Diamond grooving footpad for ultimate grip and comfort
  • Fusion Double Layer Cold Welding technology, for 25% reduction in weight combined with significantly higher stiffness
  • Premium Reptile Backpack for effortless packing and transportation
  • Deck net to attach /carry equipments
  • Included in the kit: Sup. pump, backpack, leash, alu paddle
I-RIDER 9’0x31″x 6″ 170 1 US + fixed side YES YES
I-RIDER 10’4″x34″x6″ 290 1 US YES YES

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170, 290

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