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Ozone Halo


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The Halo is designed to carry you through the first stages of your progression. It is a solid option for students, schools, and new graduates. With a highly stable structure and geometry and an efficient ABS system, it is a safe and dependable choice for new pilots.

In Flight
The Halo’s seat-board design provides gentle and easily understandable feedback. The weight-shift response is balanced and progressive, enabling the pilot to maintain the amount of bank desired in the turn. Its design allows for an easy transition from standing to seated positions, making the most important parts of the flight (take-off and landing) easier, safer and less stressful.

The secure and easy to use speed-bar storage pocket and the padded chest-strap protection make ground-handling and take-off very comfortable. An elastic keeper maintains ideal positioning of the speed bar, when deployed.

The Halo is equipped with an anti-forget harness system and the buckles were chosen to avoid confusion or mis-mating. Moreover, they are easy to inspect from the instructor’s perspective. Colour coding differentiates left and right buckles.

The Reserve
The new rescue system features a generously wide opening for easy extraction even in high-G situations. The rescue handle is strategically placed at the hip and is very easy to find.

Harness storage options include a large rear compartment with a smaller pocket inside for valuables, a left-side pocket that is accessible in-flight, a radio pocket and Velcro vario mount.

Light and Durable
Highly visible printing on shoulders help instructors to easily find the right size of harness. High-wear areas are made from durable materials.

At only 3.15kg in size M, the Halo is compact and light for how durable and protective it is. It comes standard with lightweight honeycomb seat-plate.

The harness is available with two different back protector options (foam or inflated), which allow further reductions in weight and pack volume.

The three sizes cover a wide range of pilots from 145cm to 210cm. The Halo is certified EN and LTF up to 140kg!

In keeping with our mission to increase the sustainability of all of our products, much of the interior panels are made from Bluesign certified fabric, and the under-seat protective fabric is made from recycled materials.


Pilot height 145-165 165-185 185-210
Harness Weight (Foam Protection)* 3.23kg 3.35kg 3.65kg
Harness Weight (Air Protection)** 2.88kg 3.08kg 3.31kg

*Harness weight is measured with foam protection, seat-plate, carabiners, rescue handle, chest-strap protection, and speed-bar.

**Harness weight is measured with air protection, seat-plate, carabiners, rescue handle, chest-strap protection, and speed-bar.

– Foam protection weight: 430g
– Inflatable protection weight: 130g
– Inflation bag weight: 80g
– EN and LTF certified up to 140kg


Buckles: Edelrid and Finsterwalder aluminium
Structural webbing: Güth & Wolf 25mm polyester
Fabric: Ripstop poly, Recycled poly 450D ripstop, Bluesign certified Nylon 70D ripstop

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Inflatable, Foam

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