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Niviuk Paragliders

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In 2005, 6 passionate pilots including including the legendary Raul Rodriguez got together and created Niviuk. Having many years of experience between them in the professional paragliding industry, created a new breed of wing. Striving for the highest level of performance with the highest commitment for safety and comfort.
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Skin 3 P
The new Skin 3 P is the lightest model in the Plume series ever produced. A new generation of single-surface wings designed for those who push hike & fly to the limit. Now more agile and versatile than ever.

S&W Verdict
Super light & compact descent option!

Ikuma 3
The new Ikuma 3 is the perfect wing for your long distance cross-country flights. Dare to go further with this EN B+ classified glider, which offers unparalleled comfort and manoeuvrability. The new aerofoil, optimised for performance and damping, will allow you to enjoy your flights like never before. Thanks to the hybrid 3/2-liner system, we have reduced drag by 8%. Get that perfect flying feeling with this affordable, high performance glider. Go the distance with confidence and excitement!

Coming soon…


Ikuma 3 P
Performance and lightness go hand in hand with the new Ikuma 3 P. Intuitive and accessible, you can push your own limits with the ultra-light version of our high performance EN B+ wing. Perfect for everyday XC and hike & fly, the internal structure has been optimised to minimise the overall weight of the glider while maintaining durability.

Coming soon…



Artik Race
The knowledge acquired in the development of the Artik 6 and all Niviuks two-liners (such as the Peak 6) culminated in the creation of the Artik Race, an EN C two-liner. An unparalleled experience that will offer you speed, aerodynamics and high performance; at the same time as accessibility, progressive responses and the passive safety of an EN C wing. Step up with this “Artik +”.


Artik 6
The Artik 6 hails the dawn of a new era of XC flying where countless possible routes are waiting for you. A fusion of outstanding performance and accessibility to sate your hunger for kilometres.

S&W Verdict
Compact, stable, and comfortable glider with a distinctive docile nature, blessed with a high degree of passive safety


Peak 6

Faster. More performance and better handling. The complete two-liner that will allow you to experience your XC or competition flights like never before. All this, without losing the key aspects that characterise Niviuk as a brand – the great comfort offered by the wing, as well as its safety, stability and accessibility.


Klimber 3 P
Based on the design of the Peak 6, the third generation of the Klimber is higher performing and faster. A new distribution of the Nitinol reinforcements makes it more stable. It is the perfect tool for all pilots who want to push their limits. Its super light and compact characteristics remain the same, while its internal structure has evolved to improve its performance.


Kode P
The KODE P is accessible and versatile, letting you enjoy flying whilst feeling in control. Its light weight will allow you to take your hike & fly challenges to another level, as well as being a very compact glider, which is easy to pack and transport. Easy to launch from any location. Sizes 16 and 18 are designed for experienced pilots with active piloting skills, considering that weight range will influence wing reactions and flight characteristics.

S&W Verdict
Can’t wait for these to land in store! Perfect dual surface Hike & Fly wing with easy launching habits for those tricky mountain take-offs.



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