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Niviuk Kargo



Kargo 90

Because of its capacity, the new Kargo 90 is especially designed to carry all the equipment for our P Series wings or for larger gliders of smaller sizes, in addition to the harness. Its spacious and fully ergonomic design makes it a must-have everyday backpack.

Tech Specs

Size 90
Weight 895 g
Volume 90 L
Length 100 cm
Width 60 cm
Depth 28 cm


Kargo 130

The new Kargo 130 is the perfect rucksack to carry all your flying equipment: paraglider, harness, helmet and accessories. Specially designed for your comfort, it fits very well with the medium and large sizes of our products. Ideal for two-liners and pod harnesses. It’s a spacious, ergonomic rucksack equipped with everything you need for any adventure.

Size 130
Weight 998 g
Volume 130 L
Length 106 cm
Width 62 cm
Depth 32 cm


Kargo 160

The new Kargo 160 is the perfect rucksack to carry all your flying gear, as it can hold your glider, harness and accessories. It has been designed to meet all your needs, it fits very well for medium and large sizes of all our products and it is specially designed for school wings and training and progression harnesses. Its ergonomic design makes it a very comfortable and easy to carry backpack, so you can just focus on enjoying the experience.

Size 160
Weight 1078 g
Volume 160 L
Length 100 cm
Width 70 cm
Depth 40 cm


Kargo 220

The new Kargo 220 is the most spacious rucksack in the Kargo family, giving you full capacity for your flying equipment. Paraglider, harness and accessories fit into this ergonomic design that distributes the weight optimally, making it easy to carry and providing you with the utmost comfort on all your travels. Specially designed for competition wings, large volume harnesses and our larger size products.

Size 220
Weight 1290 g
Volume 220 L
Length 130 cm
Width 75 cm
Depth 40 cm

✓ Unique comfort
Thanks to Niviuk´s characteristic research, development and manufacturing process, a completely ergonomic and comfortable design has been achieved. The most durable materials have been combined to ensure the interior is protected at all times. Its modern design adapts perfectly to the body to better distribute the load, facilitate mobility and improve the pilot´s experience in terms of comfort and functionality.

✓ Quick and easy storage 
A large full-opening main zip allows for easy storage of equipment, with adjustable straps on the outside for compressing the volume and load.

✓ Features tailored to your needs 
– Adjustable shoulder straps that adapt perfectly to the body.
– AirMesh foam in all areas of contact with the body (shoulders and lower back).
– Adjustable front and back strap for complete comfort, even when moving.
– Exterior zip pocket to store your belongings. Inside it is divided into three parts: another smaller zip pocket and a net with two compartments.
– Mesh compartment on the outside left side, very spacious and easy to access. Perfect for your water bladder and drink tube.
– Top handle for easy one-handed carrying.

✓ Everything in its place
Its upright design fits perfectly and comfortably on the back, makes the best use of space and maximises the available capacity. Enjoy the best adventures with a rucksack that allows you to carry all your flying equipment.

✓ Capacity and durability
The Kargo gives you the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that your equipment will always be protected. It is a very durable rucksack with a capacity of 90 L, 130 L, 160 L or 220 L. It has a transparent pocket on the outside to keep your name tag in sight.

S & W Verdict

“Some of the best value rucksacks on the market now!”

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90l, 130l, 160l, 220l

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