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Nitro Inline TLS

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The new and restyled Incline TLS backcountry snowboard boot is a versatile and highly functional backcountry exploring machine. Equipped with Nitro´s Vibram® Backcountry Outsole made of Icetrek™ and Arctic Grip Vibram® Compounds, Cut and Buff EVA Midsole, Molded Crampon Heel Cup, E-foam® Toe Protection to create the grippiest and most durable snowboard boot in the backcountry.

The Incline TLS boot design ethos is simple – push the limits of what is possible in a backcountry snowboarding and exploration boot. Utilizing the best technologies available today like the Vibram® Backcountry Outsole made of Icetrek™ and Arctic Grip™ Vibram® Compounds and Cut and Buff EVA Midsole, offer the best grip, flex, and sure foothold at a minimum weight to allow you to summit peaks with confidence. Certain features must be available to be fully functional in the backcountry, such as the Molded Crampon Heel Cup and E-foam® toe protection making this a fully crampon compatible snowboard boot. The Hike`N`Ride Construction and Adjustable Forward Lean design allow for a speedy and comfortable splitboard mode to the peak. Meanwhile, the Auto-Power Strap, Internal Ankle Support, and Flex Link Design let you crank up the response for the ride down. Backcountry snowboarders have different preferences for different days or types of terrain, which creates a demand for different flex patterns. We have added two flexes of our Power Tongue Stiffener, giving three easily interchangeable options for response. Warm feet will not be an issue thanks to the reflective Therminator Shield underfoot, while quick lace adjustments will be easy to make with the new Solo Lacegliders and time-proven Re/Lace Liner Locker System. If you are looking for a fully customizable backcountry snowboard boot with a laser-focus split boarding, hiking, and getting you deeper and higher into the backcountry – then get ready to go up, up, and away with the durable comfort provided by the Incline TLS.

Boots Features
Vibram® Backcountry Outsole Made of Icetrek™ Vibram® Compound and powered by Vibram® Arctic Grip™ Technology
Cut and Buff EVA Midsole
Molded Crampon Heel Cup
E-foam® Toe Protection
Hike ‘N’ Ride Construction
Adjustable Forward Lean
Auto-Power Strap
Therminator Shield
Molded Spine Protection
Flex Link Design
New Solo Laceglider
TLS Twin Lacing System
Molded TLS Lace Handles
Bail Out System
Cloud 8 Liner
Internal Ankle Support
Power Tongue Stiffener in 2 Flexes
ILS Liner Lacing
Re/Lace Liner Locker
Ortholite® Dual Density Footbed

Response 7 – 9/10
Freedom 2 – 3/10
Comfort 10/10

US Men’s: 5 – 14
Mondopoint: 23.0 – 32.0
EU: 36 – 48
UK Men’s: 4 – 13

S+W Verdict:
“Great option for series backcountry free riding!”

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