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Kortel Krisis Carre (Diamond Cross)


The next generation of reserve.


The all-new Kortel Design reserve Parachute, Krisis Karré, brings 3 main innovations compared to its competitors:

The unique design of the Karré generates horizontal speed after opening. This creates lift, and thus to significantly reduces sink rate.

This horizontal speed also brings about a glide ratio around 1.5, allowing the pilot to steer the reserve with the pair of handles, thus avoiding potential obstacles during descent.

The asymmetric shape forces a folding pattern which improves opening speed while keeping folding complexity to a minimum.

Krisis Carre 100: 1.17kg, max load 100kg. Sink 4.7mps at max, 3.6mps at 70kg

Krisis Carre 125: 1.39kg, max load 125kg. Sink 4.5mps at max, 3.5mps at 85kg

Krisis Carre 160: 1.78kg, max load 160kg. Sink 4.5mps at max, 3.6mps at 110kg

Krisis Carre 220: 2.52kg, max load 220kg. Sink 4.5mps at max, 3.5mps at 160kg


Due to the Krisis Karre and Diamond Cross being the same reserve, we will send either one in the same size depending on what is in stock. If this might be an issue then please get in touch!


S+W Verdict:

“Great compromise between steerable and non steerable. The best of both worlds. Not too heavy either!”

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