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Kortel Design Kolibri 80l



The Kolibri backpack was designed for those who love Hike and Fly and vol-bivouac flights. It integrates the necessary and sufficient functions for this type of practice.





Protective cover
Adapted to the size of the bag

Compression system
Unique system for optimizing storage

Pre-shaping back slats

Single zipper for opening all or part of the bag

Waterproof internal protection against sweat on the glider

Many side-pockets accessible while walking

Trekking poles holding system
Frees your hands hands while walking (use GPS, phone, etc…).

Shoulder netting pockets
For cans and/or small equipment

Rain cover



The Kolibri 80L also comes with a 20L extension which can be removed at any point


Volume : 80l
Weight : 800g


S&W Verdict

“Super comfy, lightweight and great value for money! perfect for vol-biv flights and it comes with the 20l removable hood.”


Additional information

Postage Weight4.5 kg


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