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Kontainer V4


The Kontainer V4 lets you install a rescue parachute in a frontal position on all types of harness.



Ergonomic handle
Easy extraction for both left and right-handed

Single anchor for the risers
The risers are connected to the Kontainer and to the harness at the same time

Holding Strap
Prevents the rescue from flipping over in case of a large collapse, making extraction impossible

Velcro instruments
Velcro surface for small instruments.

Guide sleeve
A removable sheath is available for connecting the risers to the shoulder straps.

Konnect system
Integrated Konnect system



The Kontainer V4 is available in two sizes, to fit all possible rescue sizes.

size S, for ultra light rescues :

Krisis UL80/UL95/UL115

Karre 100

Krisis Rogallo II Light 100

size L, for ultra light rescues :

Krisis UL115

Karre 125

Krisis Rogallo II 130

Krisis Rogallo II Light 130



Size S : 149g, handle included (Removable sheath : 25g)

Size L : 153g, handle included (Removable sheath : 25g)

Download the manual HERE

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