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Karakoram Ultra Ranger Bindings

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The Connect line is designed for the backcountry rider as well as for the rider who likes the resorts. With the option to ride splits and solids with one binding. Karakoram’s motto says it all: ‘Buy more boards, not more bindings’. A solid binding that offers a lot of comfort compared to the Alpine series and is equal to ‘standard’ bindings. The all new Ultra Ranger slashes 400 grams off your set up compared to the Free Ranger, to make the lightest resort style binding for splitboarding.



Upgraded to a Carbon Fiber Nyolite and 7000 series aluminum chassis, the Ultra Ranger is everything the Free Ranger is, only 400 grams lighter per set. Pop higher, add another 180 spin, tour a couple miles farther. Fluidity and power. Drop your knee over the low softer flex inside Surf Sidewall. Brace and drive off the higher stiffer Power Sidewall. Crank turns with comfort and power. The Reactive Highback cradles your boot and removes pressure points at the top of the highback. The AirForm ankle strap conforms to your boot with independent pressure pods, eliminating pressure points and allowing for pinch-point free flex

  • Open Chasis
  • Assymetric: ‘Surf’ Sidewall/’Power’Sidewall
  • Reactive Highback (Carbon Nyolite)


By combining the freedom of movement of the Carbon Nyolite Surf Sidewall with the Power Sidewall, Karakoram has created a great middle ground. The binding is also equipped with an EVA footbed, so you will have no trouble standing on your split or solid all day long. Equipped with the Air-Form strap. The Airpod allows for more comfort where the Air-form provides a better fit and more responsiveness. This is thanks to the closed structure of the Airpod. All unnecessary materials have been removed from the Air-Form Toe Straps, making the strap lighter and easier to pull over your toe like a hood.

  • Full EVA Footbed with dual damping
  • AirPod Ankle straps
  • AirForm Toe straps


The Karakoram interface operates by using the signature lever at the heelcup that allows the binding to be released from the interface. The Dual Ride-Stride Forward Lean Adjuster on the highback is designed to be easily rotated 90° and 180°. This gives you a Forward Lean of -8° during touring and the possibility of 0° to 22° during boarding. All Karakoram Connect bindings available at Snowcountry are supplied with the Prime Connect 2.0 Interface and ready to use for both split and solid. The Ultra Ranger is equipped with a Dual Speed Riser, which makes it possible to ski down on touring parts going down.

  • Power-Link
  • Dual Ride-Stride
  • Dual-Speed Riser with Heel Lock
  • Ride Mode 2.0
  • Weight: 700 gr.


S+W Verdict:

“Perhaps the ultimate all rounder? A true splitboard binding with all the bells and whistles (duel height heels, included lockdown), lightweight, and yet comfy and powerful for either the decent, or, when paired with Quiver Connectors, on a solid board. Brilliant!”

Additional information

Postage Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 17 cm


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