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K2 Far Out Splitboard Binding

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The NEW for 2022 K2 Far Out model was developed with Voile. It therefore, benefits from the reliability and speed of the Voile interface system while offering a nice dose of reactivity and support during descents.

This model can be used on most splitboards on the market, with the exception of Burton splitboards equipped with The Channel system.

The Far Out offers an ideal level of performance for freeriding at a good level. The aluminium frame is both light and robust to withstand heavy loads. It features a 3° inclined sole to give you more control and reduce fatigue. On the other hand, the nylon spoiler gives you all the responsiveness and control you need for backside support without being too stiff and uncomfortable. Its inclination adjusts quickly allowing you to switch to touring mode in a snap and get a better stride. Finally, the instep and toe straps are designed to adapt to any boot offering comfort and responsiveness. So, you have a fairly comfortable but above all responsive binding, which allows you to engage in descents and also offers you efficiency on ascents.

This model is designed for experienced to expert snowboarders looking for a high performance splitboard binding that is not too rigid at the spoiler. It will also please those with a tight budget, being more affordable than other brands’ bindings.






S+W Verdict:

” Basically its a Voile Speedrail with K2 highback & straps. Making a great all round splitboard binding.”

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