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Julbo Outline

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Designed for endurance, Outline is the embodiment of Julbo’s expertise in technical excellence and style. With a superb wraparound shape and available with Reactiv photochromic lenses, Outline sunglasses offer perfect vision and can be fitted with prescription lenses. Adjustable temples designed to fit snugly under a helmet and the adjustable nose piece ensure flawless grip. The glasses feature exceptional venting for maximum comfort.


  • Lens depth : 45
  • Distance : 17
  • Temple length : 135
  • Base : 8
  • Hinges : Non
  • Lens size : 68
  • Age : Adult
  • Masse nette en g : 26 g


Technical Features

3D Nose Fit : Special nose-pads are adjustable in every direction so that glasses fit every type of nose shape and ensure unbeatable hold in all conditions.

Adjustable temples : The temple has a core so that the end can be perfectly adjusted and adapted to a helmet, hat or cap.

Full Venting : Highly vented sunglasses structure allowing full circulation of air to prevent fogging.

Grip Tech : Exclusive soft-comfort material on the temples that doesn’t stick to hair, giving perfect grip and comfort

Wraparound wide shape : Wraparound profile combining protection and good vision.




Frame Colour: Stone Lens: Spectron 3 Cat. 3 Smoke Green

Cat. 3 polycarbonate lens. Light yet offering good shock resistance, this multipurpose lens is suitable for all types of activity.

  • Protection category: 3. Smoked or brown tint + green tint flash finish.
  • Sun protection : Cat. 3
  • VLT (visibility light transmission) : 12%
  • Material : POLYCARBONATE


Frame Colour: Translucent Black Lens: Reactiv Zebra Light Fire Photochromic Cat 1-3


Cat. 1 to 3 photochromic, anti-fog lens. Recommended for trail running and mountain biking.

  • Photochromic: the lens gets darker or lighter to match changing light conditions.
  • Protection category 1 to 3. High-speed activation regardless of the temperature (NTS technology).
  • Exceptional anti-fog coating: no condensation, maximum longevity.
  • External oil-repellent coating: prevents marking and facilitates water runoff.
  • Brown tint: accentuates relief.
  • Sun protection : Photochromic
  • VLT (visibility light transmission) : 17% – 75%
  • Material : NXT


Frame Colour: Tortoise Grey / Green Lens: Reactivated Performance photochromic Cat. 0-3


Photochromic (cat. 0 to 3) with transparent base, ideal for endurance sports. Adapts to all light conditions, including very low light (nightfall/poor weather).

  • Sun protection : Photochromic
  • VLT (visibility light transmission) : 12% – 87%
  • Material : NXT


S+W Verdict:

“Well vented and with a huge field of vision from the half frame shape, these glasses are brilliant for a wide range mountain sports. They look good too!”



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