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Hello Porosity Meter


Porosity meter to measuring the porosity of a glider?


Generally about the measuring of porosity:
Nowadays there are great emphasis on the porosity tests of paragliders worldwide. Why is useful to measuring the porosity of a glider?
The Hello Company has produced gravitational airflow meter since 2008 in Europe. Our main market are the paraglider producers and sports clubs. The safe free-flying depending on two important factors, the weather – we can not affect it – and the good quality accessories. Our product – the Porozit – help for you to be sure about the condition of your glider. We offer our products for producers – who can check the porosity of their raw materials, and for sports clubs – where measure the porosity of the glider at the annual technical check is indispensable. Naturally the porosity meter is very useful when you want to buy a secondhand glider. You could let know exactly the state of the glider.
It’s show deterioration over time, and below a limit it warns the owner of the glider, the paraglider is not suitable for flight. We can gauge an important property of our glide without any damage. We can find some porosimeter on the market, but none of them is perfect. A real instrument has a lots of criterions, and these meters are really expensive. Even if there were any producer, they would have to provide laboratory conditions for the measuring (humidity, temperature etc.)

Just measuring the porosity of the upper wing of the canopy !
Not measuring porosity before the “A” (forward) risers
More worse the porosity of a paraglider, than repeat the measuring more, therefore we will get more accurate picture of the paraglider !
Measuring the porosity symmetrical (left and right sides of the paraglider)
Expect the worst results at the middle and at the front of the canopy.

S+W Verdict:
“We have been using one for a while now! and has proven an asset to ourselves/customers when trading in wings”

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