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Gopro Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts


Industrial-strength for secure mounting.

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Industrial-strength for secure mounting.

Attach your GoPro to curved and flat surfaces with these industrial-strength waterproof adhesive mounts. Can be removed by heating the adhesive bond with a hair dryer then peeling off the mount.

Product Details

  • Includes 3 Curved Adhesive Mounts and 3 Flat Adhesive Mounts
  • Compatible with a wide variety of curved and flat surfaces
  • Industrial-strength adhesive ensures secure mounting
  • Removable by applying heat to adhesive bond and peeling off mount
  • Note: Always select a helmet that meets the applicable safety standard when you use a helmet with a GoPro helmet mount. Always follow the helmet manufacturer’s instructions on safe helmet use.

Additional information

Postage Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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