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Genie Lite 3 rescue deck



The Genie Lite 3 rescue deck enables you to fit a second front-mounted rescue to your Genie Lite 3 harness. A second rescue can be easily deployed with either hand in case your primary rescue handle cannot be reached or becomes caught by the glider. It also enables the Genie Lite 3 harness to meet the requirements of FAI Cat 1 competitions.

The Genie Lite 3 rescue deck also fits most other cocoon harnesses which feature a cockpit with velcro.

33.5 x 17 x 6cm


  • Compatible with Yeti UL rescue S and M
  • Compatible with other ultralight rescues
  • Connects to the harness main carabiners
  • Option to connect to only a single carabiner
  • Carry handle for easy transportation
  • Attachment points for flight instruments
  • Zipper pocket extraction system avoids the use of velcro
  • Flat shape allows a large area cockpit thanks to the long packing method of the rescue
  • Plastic rod in the rescue handle helps maintain the shape and ensures it is always easily accessible in flight.
  • Light but durable Roseta 70D fabric
  • Supplied with 115cm rescue bridle



S&W Verdict
“A great add-on to most pod harnesses witch enables two reserves to be carried”


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