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G3 Alpinist+ Universal Skins


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Any location and all conditions. Universal nylon plush material is durable and versatile. Optimal balance of grip, glide, weight and durability.


 Unrivalled tip and tail connection:

The innovative, patented tip and tail connectors in all G3 skins create a lightweight, solid and reliable connection to your skis or board. The self-aligning hands fit easily on any shape, and the camming tails on all ALPINIST+ and SPLITBOARD+ skins are super easy to attach and remove in all conditions.

  • No more snow creep: The stiff material of the ALPINIST+ tip creates a rigid platform that keeps snow from creeping under the skin and extends the use of your adhesive.
  • Easy transitions and bomber connection: G3’s low profile, elongated tail strap makes transitions fast and easy. The refined camming clip stays positioned on the ski, reduces wear and allows for easy adjustments.


Updated adhesive:

Climbing skin adhesive is best when you never notice it and it just works the way you expect it. So many variables can affect the way your adhesive performs, and we are constantly working to improve the product so it is prepared for any scenario. The updated adhesive in all ALPINIST+ and SPLITBOARD+ skins features a refined formula engineered to let you do more laps and cover more terrain without having to worry about your skins.


Challenging the status quo of skin design:

Where does grip come from? It’s one of the seemingly endless questions we ask to challenge the status quo of climbing skin design. Skins that cover the entire base of your skis are overkill and heavy. Most of your skin’s grip comes from just under the binding while fabric on the tip and tail creates unnecessary drag. Exposed ski base and alternative materials can significantly improve glide and efficiency without affecting that all-important grip.

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Other Features:

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Size Chart:

Extra Short: 150 – 166 cm

Short: 161 – 177 cm

Medium: 172 – 188 cm

Long: 183 – 199 cm


Weight Chart:

100mm = 248 g / 8.7 oz

115mm = 270 g / 9.5 oz

130mm = 291 g / 10.3 oz

145mm = 311 g / 11.0 oz


S+W Verdict:

“Updates have made what was already one of the best all conditions skins even more formidable! The G3 team have been hard at work updating the overall shape, tip and tail designs and adhesives. All that results in a lighter and more durable skin with improved glide efficiency, all without compromising grip!”



Additional information

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Dimensions30 × 20 × 20 cm


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