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Flow Paragliders

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Fusion / Fusion Light
Fusing 2-liner feeling with an EN C certification, the Flow Fusion is the first certified hybrid 3-2 liner paraglider. Feel connected like a 2-line race machine, with rear riser steering on crafted control toggles, but maintain the security and comfortable workload of an EN C glider. An optimised line configuration and unique risers enable a three-line layout in the centre of the span and a two-line layout at the tips. The resulting reduction in drag increases performance noticeably.

Fusion Light is the light version of the Fusion. Built extensively with Porcher Skytex 27g and light weight dyneema risers, the Fusion Light is livelier, lighter, more compact and has a more direct handling and feel.



Freedom 2
Freedom is our high EN B. A sophisticated glider where no compromise was made to achieve the perfect balance between performance, passive safety and playful handling. Build with 65 cells. A 3 liner with an optimized line layout and a “solid” internal structure. Our shark nose profile coupled with a reduced line plan to reduce drag, add not only stability and collapse resistance but also pitch stability which reflects into an enjoyable flying experience and ultimately – true performance. The sense of a safe and agile glider is always present on the Freedom.





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