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Fairhaven Micro Alti Plus


The Fairhaven Micro Alti is a wrist or riser mounted altimeter packed with features, for paragliding, hang gliding and paramotor pilots.

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The display has a similar character size to many of the largest varios and its high contrast custom LCD is easy to read even in bright sunlight, yet it only weighs 28 grams and measures just 37mm across (excluding strap) making it the world’s lightest and smallest  multifunction altivario!

1ft resolution altimeter, max 19,999 ft with Metres/mixed settings.

Sensitive, loud vario

QNE, QFE, QNH altimeter references with pressure/height settings.

Barometric pressure

Barometric trend (for predicting weather changes)

G-meter, Max G-meter  (Plus version)

Vario averager  5-60 seconds

Temperature C/F

Max lift

Max Altitude (permanently stored until reset)

Max Sink

Minimum altitude

Battery level/voltage

Time clock

Alarm timer

Stopwatch with auto auto flight timer

Volume control

Vario threshold settings

Damping factor setting

Pace (vario tone scale adjustment)

Unique electronic serial number

Rechargable, charger supplied

Audio headphone socket

28 grams



The Micro Alti can be mounted on your risers or on your wrist, and the stretch Velcro strap is long enough to go over a coat. We also supply adhesive Velcro pads that will stick to most surfaces and can be sewn onto clothing or it can be panel mounted.

Mode switch

The mode switch allows the Micro Alti to be used in power saving mode (displaying just the altitude and time). This is particularly useful if you hike and fly! The mode switch will mute the vario in the middle position.

S+W Verdict:

“super nice watch vario,  simple is good!”

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