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Fairhaven Micro


The Fairhaven micro vario is designed for paragliding, hang gliding and paramotor pilots who want to find thermals and other rising air to maximise their flight times, while using the minimum of equipment.

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It uses the latest, most sensitive digital air pressure sensors which are incredibly small and immune to temperature change and radio interference. At only 15 grams and just over one inch square, it’s the world’s lightest, smallest and toughest little vario. Small enough to fit in your pocket and forget you have it, so it makes a great back up vario too!

Audio tones

Tones are typical for an audio vario with a modulated “pip-pip” that increases in rate to indicate lift and a lower frequency “buzz-buzz” for sink. Frequency and interrupt rate vary according to rate of climb/descent.

Headphone/external bleeper socket.

As well as having an internal audio sounder or “bleeper” the vario has a socket for an external bleeper that can be worn under the helmet, even with open ear types, or it can be slipped inside your headset. This is particularly useful to paramotor fliers who use thermals, and even if you fly with a full sized alti-vario, the Fairhaven mini vario will be easier to hear and is just as sensitive.

As well as our extension bleeper any type of stereo earbuds can be used, or it can be connected to an intercom for tandem or sailplane gliding, to your paramotor headset auxiliary input or as an aid if you have impaired hearing.


The vario can be mounted on the back of your helmet or inside the helmet’s collar, to avoiding line snags. You can also fit it to your flying suit or harness, or it can be panel mounted and we supply 5 adhesive Velcro pads that will stick to most surfaces and can be sewn onto clothing.

It’s tiny size makes it ideally suited to fix on your risers, right next to your ear! So we also supply a Velcro wrap for riser mounting and there’s a cord provided as a backup, although the Velcro is surprisingly strong!


The battery is a 100mA re-chargeable Lithium Polymer type that is automatically re-charged when the vario is plugged in to any USB 5 volt supply, such as a computer, phone charger, satnav lead or solar charger and we include a neat littlecharger that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket.

The vario lights up when charging and a full charge of one hour will supply the vario for up to 7 days of typical use, without having to rely on the sun shining and there are no expensive batteries to buy!


Next to the headphone jack is a sensitivity switch. 3 settings are provided to suit most requirements while being very easy to change without multiple button sequences. Just slide the recessed switch as required


 Damping (or response time)  varies across the 3 switch positions to give a faster response when the thresholds are wider (position 3) and a slower response in position 1 to detect very small rates of climb. Position 2 has an intermediate degree of damping and we recommend this as a starting point.


 The Fairhaven mini vario is fully guaranteed for 12 months.

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