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Dynafit Ski Crampons



The light DYNAFIT Ski Crampons guarantee extra traction on hardpack or ice. Crampons offer a valuable service in difficult snow conditions and can increase safety on a ski tour enormously. These DYNAFIT Crampons are compatible with every DYNAFIT binding. They can be secured simply and quickly to the binding. Important: Please ensure you select the correct width when purchasing ski crampons!

How are crampons mounted?
Trying to mount ski crampons for the first time can be a bit tough. We recommend that you try installing them at home before your first tour. On snow, always put on crampons before the ascent gets too steep and on flat terrain, you can put them on at any time in a relaxed and safe manner.
To install crampons with a binding, you must first step out of the skis, one after the other. DYNAFIT crampons can also be installed when you are in the bindings, but that demands quite a bit of skill and balance and is only recommended for advanced users.

To attach and secure crampons, follow these steps:
1. Ski crampons should be pushed into the crampon slot on the toe piece in a vertical position.
2. Lock the crampon securely so it is at the middle of the ski before it is folded down flat.
To take them off, follow these steps in reverse. 

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