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From early-season novelty turns to mid-winter storms and spring objectives, the Black Diamond Traverse Pro ski poles are primed for any day in the backcountry. The Traverse Pro poles feature a durable all-aluminum construction with a redesigned FlickLock Pro, which is now lighter, stronger and easier to use, with a more durable, forged aluminum construction, allowing for quick and secure length changes. The innovative SwitchRelease technology in the wrist strap and a lockable release adds a measure of safety in the event a pole gets caught in bushes or trees. The poles also feature a ring for quick choke-ups in steep or sidehill terrain.

• 278 grams per pole
• SwitchRelease™ breakaway technology strap
• 16 mm (0.63 in) aluminum upper with 14 mm (0.55 in) aluminum lower
• Touring grip with dual density soft touch rubber
• FlickLock® Pro adjustability—now featuring aluminum construction that’s lighter and easier to use
• 100 mm (4 in) Powder Baskets
• Indexed ferrule for 3/4 basket compatibility

Collapsed Length Series Weight Per Pair Usable Length
95 – 145 cm: 95 cm (37.4 in) Touring 95 – 145 cm: 556 g (1 lb 3.6 oz) 95 – 145 cm (37.1 – 56.6)
105 – 155 cm: 105 cm (41.3 in) 105 – 155 cm: 564 g (1 lb 4 oz) 105 – 155 cm (41 – 60.5 in)



S&W Verdict

“A lightweight yet strong and durable construction providing the perfect backcountry ski pole!”


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