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Black Crows Pellis Skins

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Hybrid tech for Black Crow skis.


The Black Crows Pellis is a lightweight hybrid skin designed to cope with rapid temperature variations, moisture, and long winters of abuse. pre-cut to fit the corvus freebird, the pellis is designed to make days in the backcountry seamless and easy.


  • 70% mohair / 30%synthetic for the best ratio gliding / grip / durability.
  • fitted metal tip hook.
  • polyamide buckle.
  • high resistance elastic.
  • double layer hybrid glue.
  • perfect adhesion to the ski base, even at super low températures.
  • effortless removal from the ski, without adhesive trace on the base.
  • easy handling, as the skins can be folded on themselves slim.
  • maintenance free, as the adhesive does not have to be re-glued.

S+W Verdict:

“Great looking skin, especially with Contours Hybrid tech! Precut for the whole of thew Black Crows Range. Fantastic!”

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Postage Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 11 × 6 cm


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