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Basisrausch Kristall Flex


Summer Warmth And Feel!

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Paragliding Glove Kristall Flex

The new updated version of the popular Kristal.

The paragliding glove KRISTALL FLEX is a further development of the well-tried KRISTALL ERGO. Our longstanding experience, testing results and client feedbacks influenced the development of this first Double-Shell glove model, based on the Kristal in its 4th generation.

  • Excellent Comfort
  • Superb Grip
  • High Sensitivity
  • Long warm cuff
  • Highly durable
  • Windproof & Water repellant

The innovation of the KRISTALL FLEX is a new Double-Shell shape, whose basic concept is a simulation of the corselet of crabs and shell prawns. The backhand is made of two pieces, similar to a chitin-shell, which move independently into each other during the activities. This feature enables an exceptionally free moving space without enlarging the gloves shape. Additionally,it has positive impacts on the aeration. The shell-principle allows a very good air-circulation inside the glove. The inside is made from very sturdy and robust deer-leather.

The outside is still made of the proven goat-leather. Both materials are water and wind repellent. Inside the glove there is an included Thermo-material which regulates the inside climate and humidity. Additionally,it acts as a thin isolation. The gauntlet is new processed from Lycra which is tight-fitting, extensible, warming and very thin.The KRISTAL FLEX is qualified as a 3-season Glove. For the cold winter season, the KRISTALL FELX is compatible with the Basisrausch Overglove ONYX.

Thanks to Chrigel Maurer for his longstanding cooperation and for his regular impacts and inputs.

Convince yourself while flying it!


S+W Verdict:

“Fantastic for 3-Season flying, amazing feel and fit whilst still maintaining key warmth.”

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