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Basisrausch Graphit EVO


3.5 Season Perfection


The Graphite EVO paraglider glove has been developed with a focus on heat.
The basis of the Graphit EVO comes from the many years of experience of the Kristall Glove and combines its strengths with the newly incorporated multiple insulation to create a noticeably warmer glove. The development of a 3.5-season glove was in particular a coordination of the optimal ratio between warmth – wearing comfort – grip – tactile feeling. In cooperation with Chrigel Maurer, track pilot and our development team, it turned out that in contrast to a very thick winter sports glove, we focus just as much on the tactile feeling. In this way, we achieve unrestricted operation with graphite and thus increase safety during the flight.

The proven goat leather forms the outer layer of graphite. The glove is insulated with thinsulate, a heat-insulating insulation down made of synthetic fiber and a flexible windbreaker membrane. These materials promote the removal of moisture and regulate the inner climate so that there is no condensation jam. A high-quality, seamlessly knitted inner glove made of the valuable natural fiber Cashmere is incorporated as a heat dispenser. This ensures the best possible heat storage.
For even lower temperatures, it can also be adapted and combined to the base noise cover glove ONYX NG.


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S+W Verdict:

“One of the most popular Basisrausch glove we sell. Super warm and comfy with great dexterity!”

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