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Advance Strapless 3 + Airbag



Ultralight Harness

The STRAPLESS 3 is designed for the hiker and mountaineer who does not compromise on weight and volume. The purist’s STRAPLESS 3 is certified for a takeoff weight of 110 kg.

Light, lighter, STRAPLESS 3
The STRAPLESS 3 was designed with the slogan “As much as necessary, as little as possible” in mind. In other words: the ultralight harness has been reduced to its bare essentials. Comfortable legpads – and an upright sitting position that prevents a heavy rucksack from tipping the pilot back – makes the STRAPLESS 3 surprisingly comfortable in flight, despite its concept for purists.

Straightforward to use
It’s not just the design, but the STRAPLESS 3 is simple to deal with in all respects. Thanks to the lightweight shoulder straps, the harness already sits perfectly before take-off. Now close the Getup-System; the risers are easy and safe to clip in using the EASY CONNECT SYSTEM LIGHT, and you’re ready to go!

Square, practical, good …
The STRAPLESS 3 comes in its own light ADVANCE bag and can be folded in a couple of quick actions. The resulting flat shape means it is sure to fit in the smallest rucksack. Now with pre-assembled speedkit.


Technical Data

Pilot heightcm155-190
Chest strap widthcm42
Harness weightkg0.225
Weight carabinerskg0.044
Weights speed systemkg0.025
Harness certificationEN 1651:2018+A1:2020 / 110 kg



Main strapsD-Pro, 4mm, 13 kN
Leg strapsD-Pro, 4mm, 13 kN
Seat areaNylon 40 BE – DE Ripstop, 57 g/m2

Including Airbag Protector.

S&W Verdict
“Perfect for the hike and fly purist, amazing build quality as always, and a surprisingly comfortable design.”


Additional information

Postage Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 25 × 5 cm
Harness Type

Open, Ultra Lightweight

Pg Brands


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