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Advance Fastpack Bi


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When every move counts it’s simplicity that pays off. With the FASTPACK BI stowing all your tandem gear is up to six minutes quicker than with a regular tandem rucksack – minutes that make a difference for professional tandem flyers. This might mean catching the last lift and flying another passenger, or grabbing a coffee in the meantime…

In its open state the FASTPACK BI has almost all of its surface lying flat on the ground. Despite the tandem wing’s area it’s then is easy to position this correctly on top. Pilot and passenger harnesses plus helmets go in without a struggle. There’s another useful time-saver: the GoPro-Stick pocket on the outside.

Two click buckles with pull-in straps for quick compressing
Fix lock strap for gathering together
Generous laid out surface when spread out on the ground
Go Pro stick pocket on the outside
Zip pocket on outside for accessories
Adjustable rucsac straps
Weight: 1.09 kg
Colour: blue

S+W Verdict:
“Great piece of kit for quickly bundling up your wing and harness. Great when there’s a lift waiting!”

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