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Advance Companion SQR Classic


High quality square-round hybrid reserve.  Extra stable against oscillations. Lightweight 1258g for the 100kg model.


The Hybrid SQR is a new generation of reserve parachute, which merges the advantages of the classic round canopy and the cross version into an innovative and forward-looking technology. The SQR has been newly developed from the start, and is precisely directed to meet the needs of pilots and packers.



Advance Companion SQR light pic1


Latest Development Methods
For the first time, development made use of CFD simulation as an analysis technique, in addition to the many actual throwings and the use of a purpose-built vehicle for load testing. Special design software was developed which, among other things, calculated the ideal canopy shape based on computed airflow analysis. The result is a reserve with aerodynamically enhanced pendulum stability, not trimmed to track in flight. The Companion is available in the standard weight version (Companion SQR) and the light version (Companion SQR Light).
Advance Companion SQR - CFD





Advance Companion SQR - advantages 1

Advance Companion SQR - Advantages 2




Deployment Video – Oscillation free descent


Companion SQR Range


S+W Verdict:

“Superb build quality & performance.  A contender for the best reserve on the market”



Additional information

Postage Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 22 × 11 cm
Pg Brands


Reserve Type

Light, Square, Tandem

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