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Advance Axess 5


A stirrup kit is available as an optional extra!

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The AXESS is the classic ADVANCE beginner harness, and this fifth generation is simpler, more compact and safer than ever before. The packed harness volume, proven features and a natural adjustment system qualify this seatboard harness as an allrounder, where straightforward and trouble-free handling is important.


Air-Foam Hybrid-Protector


The Air-Foam Hybrid-Protector automatically fills with air when the rucksack is reversed into a harness, and under normal circumstances is ready to function after about 60 seconds. For maintenance it can be taken out of its own compartment under the seat shell. For maximum lifespan the protector should not be left compressed for extended periods, and never stored when wet.

 SAS-TEC Protection


Three visco-elastic soft-foam panels – one on each side and the other up the back – protect the pelvis and spine up to the neck. These protective components are made by the SAS-TEC manufacturer in Germany, and can be removed and replaced.



The Balance Strap System makes it easy to sit back in the harness after takeoff, and stand up again before landing.


Pilot heightcm155-172165-183178-202
Seating widthcm3435.537
Seatboard depthcm404446
Carabiner heightcm424446
Chest strap widthcm42-5442-5442-54
Harness weightkg4.14.254.45
Harness certificationEN 1651:2018+A1:2020 & NfL 2-565-20 / 120 kgEN 1651:2018+A1:2020 & NfL 2-565-20 / 120 kgEN 1651:2018+A1:2020 & NfL 2-565-20 / 120 kg



Main strapsPolyester, 25mm, 8kN
Leg strapsPolyester, 15mm, 13.2kN
Shoulder strapsPolyester, 15mm, 13.2kN
Seat areaNylon Oxford 210D PU3
Outer coveringNylon Ripstop 210D PU3
Chest strapAustriAlpin Cobra
CarabinerAlias, Twist Lock, 23kN, 58gr.


S+W Verdict:

“A great first harness with clever features making the harness easy to use. Comes with the latest SAS-TEC protection!”

Additional information

Postage Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions80 × 50 × 50 cm
Harness Type

Lightweight, Open

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